Weekend Links


Some links to wile away your weekend:

Are You Motivated By Your Fear or Your Preference – from Sheep Dressed Like Wolves. Some interesting thoughts on when a person is being shy vs. introverted.

How Generous are You, Really?  at The Art of Simple by guest poster, Lisa Byrne. If you’re a mom, you are being generous! Do not sell yourself short.

Masterly Inactivity from Heart of the Matter Online. “Charlotte Mason teaches that an essential aspect of masterly inactivity is ‘good humour––frank, cordial, natural, good humour.’ Atmosphere is at least one-third of education…”  …so go out and spend some time enjoying yourself and rejuvenating!

Where’d My Energy Go? 12 Causes of Over-arousal for the Introvert and/or Highly Sensitive Person at Space2Live.  I would add Facebook to this list.

A quote shared by Jenny of The Littlest Way in a recent post on blogging:

It is a rouse of the devil by which he deceives good people, to induce them to do more that they are able, so that they end up not being able to do anything.  The Spirit of God urges one gently to do the good that can be done reasonable, so that it may be done perseveringly and for a long time.
–St Vincent de Paul

Hope you and your families have a blessed and restorative week!


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    • You’re welcome! I hope it’s true. I also hope it’s OK that my “done reasonable” is so much smaller than most people’s.

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