I’m reading an actual book!

I picked up Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage {affiliate} at the library last week (along with a bagful of other books you know I will probably renew for 9 weeks and then try to panic-read when they are due in 4 days – this does not bode well for my reading challenge!). I have wanted to read this one for ages.

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How to Create Activities for Any Book

We love books, and we love learning through books here. Picture books, chapter books, encyclopedias, anthogies, whatever!  But being the perfectionist that I am, I’m often less than enthused by curricula that’s designed to tell me what I should be doing with each book we read.  It just always seems thin, and sort of forced.

After buying several such books, I realized that I was not following 80% of what they were telling me anyway – I was designing my own ideas.

Today I’m at My Joy Filled Life talking about just that!  Come on over and stay awhile, Sarah has a fantastic blog.

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How to Create Learning Activities for Any Book

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Nine Favorite Picture Books About Snow

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In honor of the snowstorm blanketing the East Coast right now, I’m sharing our favorite picture books about snow.

For us, reading about snow always seems to bring the same sense of calm anticipation that actual snow brings us. It’s a loving, hunkered down but excited-to-get-out-in-it kind of feeling.  There may be snowmageddon going on outside, but inside we are warm and cozy, with our hot cocoa and favorite books — this introvert/HSP’s dream. Continue reading “Nine Favorite Picture Books About Snow”

Reading Challenge 2016

Are any of my readers doing Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Reading Challenge for 2016?  For several years I attempted reading challenges and fell woefully behind, typically quitting when I knew there was NO WAY I would ever accomplish the “challenge”.   I think my problem was I picked challenges like Read 10 Books in Every Genre Every Month!  

Modern Mrs. Darcy’s challenge is MUCH more doable.  Just 12 books!  I think I can do this.

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