Homeschool Interview Series


Did you ever wonder what other homeschoolers think about homeschooling and how they run their days? Well, Amanda from Sicily’s Heart and Home is doing a great Homeschool Interview Series and today is my turn!

Head on over to today’s post to hear me ramble on some more about our crazy homeschool, successes and failures, burnout, and a typical day. Honestly, I could go on and on about it here, but apparently I went on and on about it over there, so I will spare you.  😉

Hope to see you there! Have a wonderful day!

Homeschool Standout


I’ve just started reading Standout 2.0 by Marcus Buckingham. It’s supposed to be about “winning at work,” and honestly, I got it out of the library to take a peek at for my older daughters. They are both wondering–at 16 and 18–what the world holds for them career wise.

While I got it for my kids, I was immediately struck by how applicable it is for homeschooling moms.

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Some favorite hands-off homeschooling items

With five children, I tend to get “talked out” fairly quickly – not only their talking to me and to each other, but my own talking as well.   I get tired of the sound of my own voice rattling in my ears, and love to have something to hand the children that is educational but keeps me out of it for the most part.

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Surviving the Holidays Part 1 – The Homeschooling

Welcome to my series on homeschooling through the holidays as a highly sensitive homeschooler.

Today is Day 1 – Homeschooling.

Homeschooling in December

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The Homeschool Styles vs. HSP Series #3: Montessori


Photo credit (edited): Scott Robinson

Welcome to the third post in my Homeschooling Styles vs. Highly Sensitive People series: Montessori Homeschooling.

Montessori schooling is something that is traditionally done in a school building with a trained Montessori teacher and a structured, prepared environment.  However, with patience, self-education, and hard work, the Montessori style can possibly be brought successfully into the home environment.
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Ssslinking Around


A few links for Sensitive Souls on a Saturday afternoon…

Is Shyness an Evolutionary Tactic? in The New York Times

Five Flavors of Homeschooling – a video from Simply Charlotte Mason

“Homeschool” – “school” = HOME at Simple Homeschool

Doing Nothing is Doing Something from Slow Your Home

Now, take two slow, deep breaths with me….



Ahhh, that’s a little better.

…many blessings for your weekend, everyone!

The Homeschool Styles vs. HSP Series #1: “School at Home”

Welcome to the first post in my Homeschool Styles vs. HSP Series: “School at Home”

Many homeschoolers, particularly new homeschoolers and those with only younger children, select a homeschooling style commonly known as “school at home” or traditional schooling.
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Upcoming Series: Homeschool styles vs. HSP

Does anyone else feel like they need a vacation after their holiday?

I hope all of you that celebrate had a Happy Easter. What I love most about the Easter season in our religion is the joy, and how it’s encouraged to be celebrated for over a month!  Lent always leaves me feeling a little beaten up and sad, and then BANG, Hallelujah! It’s Easter and all is well…
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