They all rolled over and one fell out…

Well hey hey, look at that I’m actually blogging. 😀

The upcoming start of a new school year has energized me to want to blog again. I finally feel like I have some things worth sharing! So much emotional turmoil over the summer kind of left me tongue tied (I’m sure I’ll talk about it eventually), but the promise of new books and school year fun is always nice to chat about.

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Upcoming Series: Homeschool styles vs. HSP

Does anyone else feel like they need a vacation after their holiday?

I hope all of you that celebrate had a Happy Easter. What I love most about the Easter season in our religion is the joy, and how it’s encouraged to be celebrated for over a month!  Lent always leaves me feeling a little beaten up and sad, and then BANG, Hallelujah! It’s Easter and all is well…
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