Homeschool Standout


I’ve just started reading Standout 2.0 by Marcus Buckingham. It’s supposed to be about “winning at work,” and honestly, I got it out of the library to take a peek at for my older daughters. They are both wondering–at 16 and 18–what the world holds for them career wise.

While I got it for my kids, I was immediately struck by how applicable it is for homeschooling moms.

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A quick question while I’m working on my next post in the Homeschooling Styles vs. HSP series…if you know your Myers-Briggs personality type, what is it?  Do you know any other personality “styles” you fit into from other tests and descriptions?

I’m an INFP, and I must be one through and through, because no matter how I try to answer the various Myers-Briggs surveys (you know, trying to be *more* honest, or answering how I was as a child versus now, or getting someone to help me) I always come out INFP.

Feel free to tell me anything else you’d like to about your personality and your mind in the comments. 🙂