Lessons I’m Learning from our First College Application Experience

This being our first go-round at applying to colleges, I am no expert.

What is that saying? Everyone’s life is either an example or a warning?


Anyway, our oldest turned 18 recently, and she is certainly our guinea pig in all things education and parenting.
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2015-2016 Curriculum

Just like I can’t believe it is August already, I can’t believe we are entering the 2015-2016 school year!   Just yesterday I was a little kid thinking I’d be ancient in the year 2000 (31! Old as the dinosaurs!), and now I really am ancient and it’s 2015. 🙂  I expect George Jetson to fly by any minute.
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What we are using this year: 11th grade

2014-2015 will be my 12th official year of homeschooling.  I didn’t think that was a big deal, until this summer when sitting with other mothers from our Classical Conversations group. They are a younger group for the most part, and there were  some ooohs and aaahs during introductions when I said how long we had been homeschooling. I guess I can consider myself a veteran now!
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