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I’ve just started reading Standout 2.0 by Marcus Buckingham. It’s supposed to be about “winning at work,” and honestly, I got it out of the library to take a peek at for my older daughters. They are both wondering–at 16 and 18–what the world holds for them career wise.

While I got it for my kids, I was immediately struck by how applicable it is for homeschooling moms.

He tells a few stories in the beginning, of how Sally (I’m making up the names) ran her hotel one way – how creative and inspiring that was, and how the Awesome Creative Inspiring idea was brought to Hotel Managers John, and Linda, and Tom…and it totally fell flat.

Why? Because Tom and Linda and John are not Sally.  Their staff is not Sally’s staff.  Their relationships and strengths and ideas are completely different.

Because they are individuals. Unique!  The success of Sally’s hotel was because an idea arose organically from Sally based on her unique circumstances and relationship with her staff.


Homeschooling moms, WE are unique!  There will not be another Amy with my set of strengths and weakness, combined with an Elizabeth, Emma, Juliet, Lydia, and James…and the Captain and I and OUR relational strengths and weaknesses.

Even if I found another HSP homeschooling INFP mom of 5 kids with health/learning issues, with Provider and Equalizer strengths (a la Standout 2.0) and huge Influencer weaknesses — and I’m sure there is probably one out there — I would be coming at homeschooling with my own life behind it — my own ideas and baggage.

Plus, all my children, involved relatives, and friends would have their own unique profile — the ways we make choices and live and interact are so endless.  

All this to say, your homeschool will not and should not look like anyone else’s — and that is a perfect and beautiful thing.

Be. who. you. are.

That’s where the magic is.



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2 thoughts on “Homeschool Standout

  1. such a great post, and applicable to just raising kids— heck, being a person! in general. Good reminder to play to our strengths, and not compare our weaknesses to others.

    • Thank you – I’m learning (the hard way) how much my character and strengths/weaknesses as a parent and person influence my homeschool (i.e. they’re inseparable!). Thanks for commenting. 🙂

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