Hot July Daybook


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Thanking God…

for sunshine
for my patient husband
for A/C (oh my, yes)
for a miraculous two days of eating only when hungry and not having blood sugar crashes (much)…thank you, God.


oh, just for the whole world? So many needs… sometimes I think my heart is simultaneously too big and too small for all the individual prayer requests. It breaks.


~a Fitbit but I think I’ve decided against it. Ask me again tomorrow. I waffle daily.

~school plans for next year, still in pondering but not yet creating stage.

~Facebook. Such a love/hate relationship right now. I know it will blow over, until the next big “hot button” issue comes out and my feed explodes with half truths and anger again.   Makes me so sad.

~which dining room table to get. I think I’ve decided I’m not a Real Furniture person and that an Ikea table that will be beaten up suits me just fine.  Our table is our ONLY table so it gets used quite a bit. I don’t want something I have to pamper. At all.  But now I’m indecisive about colors because we are going to fix up our kitchen/dining space.  I thought for a long time I wanted one thing, now I’m thinking something brighter will suit our small space better.  But white cabinets with six kids makes me shiver, LOL, and I don’t like light colored wood for cabinets.


clinking of spoons on cereal bowls (snack)
some classical music my children put on
friendly chatter (put this one on thankful, too — happy voices are so much nicer than the continual snark of late)


Becoming Myself: Embracing God’s Dream of You by Stasi Eldridge

A Million Little Ways: Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live by Emily Freeman (can I say, wow?!)


I don’t think I’m yet at the creating stage with anything right now. Lots of thinking and imagining. Very soon may hit “purchase” to get a few things rolling.


what I (we) can live without.   Three bags of clothes and two boxes of books/toys left last week. This week I have at least 2 more bags growing and another box of toys/books. Every time I say “that’s it, I’ve decluttered everything I’m willing to give up” I find another 1000 things that can go…


when I’m hungry!  Today was harder. I think I need to graze constantly on good foods for awhile to regulate my blood sugar.  Or something.   Anyway, I’m happy the scale is down a  few pounds. (ugh shortly after I wrote that I weighed myself again and was even more than when I started. I think my scale is broken. 😉

A peek into our week…

bad photo of a good time: surprise 4th of July fun right from our window


A parting quote…

“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him.” – J.R.R. Tolkein



3 thoughts on “Hot July Daybook

  1. We need to replace our IKEA kitchen table…and I always hate making new decisions and changes. I need to redo my cabinets and thought I would do white, and now am waffling.

    I have a FitBit One that I got for my birthday. It is gratifying to keep track of your activity…I keep my info private. I originally wanted a wristband, but when I read about the strange rashes it causes, this version as more appealing. Less contact with skin.

    The scale….the enemy. More exercise will make it go higher, though. I have the low blood sugar problems, also, and grazing with protein is better, but I forget to eat!

  2. I think as a mom, it’s easy to waffle with white cabinets. 🙂 They are so pretty though.

    Thanks for letting me know about the rashes from the fitbit. I had not read that anywhere, and that is *definitely* something to take into account here. I do want one that counts stair climbing though – haven’t read into any of them enough to remember which does what. But I think half of my exercise is climbing stairs in this house and darn it, I want that counted, LOL.

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