Reboot Update

a.k.a It's hard to blog about homeschooling when I feel like we aren't doing any. Is there a word for a non-update? Two weeks ago I wrote that we needed a reboot. That I thought we had been "off" long enough and it was time to turn it back on again. Well, life had other ideas, … Continue reading Reboot Update

End of Year Recap

Looking back: Winter saw me ...developing a relationship with my newly found biological family. ...rejoicing as James T. was declared in remission of his rheumatoid arthritis. ...very half-heartedly trying to start a coaching business. By half-heartedly I mean pretty much not at all. ...trying to decide whether to bring my now-in-school kids back home. … Continue reading End of Year Recap

Merry Christmas

...and merry/happy every other holiday or event you might be celebrating right now! I'm celebrating the fact that my fifteen year old has two weeks off from school. 🙂 How is everyone holding up under the holiday prep weeks?  I see so much self-criticism going on around Facebook regarding not "doing the holidays well enough" … Continue reading Merry Christmas

Seven Quick Takes

  ! 1 ! "You can't command your feelings, you can only command your will." - David Jeremiah.  My a-ha moment for the morning.  Not quite an epiphany, because I already believe this**, but something I needed a reminder of this morning. And, as usual, within several minutes of typing this, God showed me how true … Continue reading Seven Quick Takes

A Day in the Life of this Highly Sensitive Homeschooler

Sharing a pretty typical homeschooling day in the life of me: a highly sensitive, introverted, gifted (read: excitabilities), middle-aged, tired homeschooler, with 5 kids from 16-6...several of whom are sensitive/gifted/introverted as well.  Then there are the extroverts, setting us all off, LOL. I tried to keep a record of how I was feeling and what … Continue reading A Day in the Life of this Highly Sensitive Homeschooler