The ups and downs of my homeschooling year

I’ve been at this homeschooling gig for 15 plus years.  After a few turns around the sun our years started taking a very predictable course. Maybe you can relate.

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They all rolled over and one fell out…

Well hey hey, look at that I’m actually blogging. 😀

The upcoming start of a new school year has energized me to want to blog again. I finally feel like I have some things worth sharing! So much emotional turmoil over the summer kind of left me tongue tied (I’m sure I’ll talk about it eventually), but the promise of new books and school year fun is always nice to chat about.

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I’m reading an actual book!

I picked up Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage {affiliate} at the library last week (along with a bagful of other books you know I will probably renew for 9 weeks and then try to panic-read when they are due in 4 days – this does not bode well for my reading challenge!). I have wanted to read this one for ages.

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Things I’m loving right now

I love the feeling inside me that wells up when I find something that I just adore. It makes me so happy to think about or be with that thing. Is that a little twisted? I have an inkling that that feeling should be reserved for people, but most people don’t make me feel as happy as these awesome things here. 😉

So here is a list of things that make me feel guilty I love them so much.
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Seven Quick Takes


! 1 !

“You can’t command your feelings, you can only command your will.” – David Jeremiah.  My a-ha moment for the morning.  Not quite an epiphany, because I already believe this**, but something I needed a reminder of this morning. And, as usual, within several minutes of typing this, God showed me how true this is and how much I need to learn to have better command  of my will, since my feelings are right on the surface and come pouring out before I can rein them back in!
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A Day in the Life of this Highly Sensitive Homeschooler

Sharing a pretty typical homeschooling day in the life of me: a highly sensitive, introverted, gifted (read: excitabilities), middle-aged, tired homeschooler, with 5 kids from 16-6…several of whom are sensitive/gifted/introverted as well.  Then there are the extroverts, setting us all off, LOL.
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