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“You can’t command your feelings, you can only command your will.” – David Jeremiah.  My a-ha moment for the morning.  Not quite an epiphany, because I already believe this**, but something I needed a reminder of this morning. And, as usual, within several minutes of typing this, God showed me how true this is and how much I need to learn to have better command  of my will, since my feelings are right on the surface and come pouring out before I can rein them back in!

I think blogging is important for me, if only to show me how far I need to go in every moment, and that often I don’t know what I’m talking about, LOL!  Does this happen to you? You write something on your blog, and within the day circumstances show you that you are acting like the “expert” but really, you are just someone figuring out this thing called life with the rest of us?

( ** I’m talking about that initial burst of feeling on any situation. Of course one can then try to “will” their feelings into being different. Positive affirmations and all that.)


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I found a website this week for Multipotentialites:   Puttylike . A multipotentialite is someone who is not happy doing one thing, does not have one dream, one gift, or one calling, but many.  From the above website, quoting Wikipedia:

“An educational and psychological term referring to a pattern found among intellectually gifted individuals. [Multipotentialites] generally have diverse interests across numerous domains and may be capable of success in many endeavors or professions, they are confronted with unique decisions as a result of these choices.” -Wikipedia 

I have not taken more than a cursory glance at the website yet, so this is just a “sharing,” not an endorsement.

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Apropos of nothing, I have fallen out of love with Facebook and fallen head over heels with Instagram.  It takes less time and is a much friendlier, happier place. I still feel like I’m “missing out” every time I don’t scroll through my Facebook feed though.  I’ve always been an information junkie. It takes a great act of the will to NOT go back when two magazine pages stick together, for example, or when I pass something while driving and don’t really see it but want to.  Even when I know for sure it doesn’t matter (like a billboard)(or 9/10ths of my Facebook feed). I’m still on FB, but not as often.   You know, like down to ten times a day from a hundred and twelve. 😉

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So yesterday was James T’s seventh birthday. Seven!  My baby is seven.  This blows my mind. I do love it, though. The favorite gift by  far was Minecraft PC.  The Captain took the day off, and a nice time was had by all, despite the bottom 3 being sick, including the birthday boy.

I chose this photo filter only because it was called “Hagrid”

%%%%% 5 %%%%%

Speaking of seven, I’ve lost seven pounds in the last few weeks of eating the Trim Healthy Mama way, about half time.  No wait….seven and a half! LOL, I just went to weigh myself to get that last half pound in. 🙂    I eat the THM way for most breakfasts, lunches, and snacks. Dinner is sometimes “on plan” and often not. And yes, I go get a huge frozen yogurt with all the toppings more than once a week.  Considering where I came from, this is huge.  I’m very grateful to God that I’m not dealing with cravings, although I’m still working on regulating my blood sugar better.  I’d take a picture of my scale, but I’m saving that for when I break the next “ten” on the scale. I’m one pound away.


^^^^^^ 6 ^^^^^^

Can I ask for prayer for a long standing problem regarding my house and the health of my family?  I’m on my last ounce of willpower on waiting … my Mama Bear instincts are struggling. We need deliverance.  Can you ask God to hear the cry of my heart and help us? Thanks so much.


&&&&&&& 7 &&&&&&&

Look for a post coming soon on what we are using for homeschooling this year.  I don’t know about my kids, but I’m really enjoying some of it. 🙂

our old stationary bike makes a front row seat if nothing else


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  1. Prayers going up for you! I need to check out Trim Healthy Mama. I recently started tracking calories with My Fitness Pal, and I was quite shocked to see that the “small handful” of chocolate chips I was eating every day was at least 800 calories! No wonder I can’t seem to lose the last 5-10 lbs of baby weight. Grrr….

    • 800 calories?! Oh my, no wonder I gained so much weight in the last few years! Someone needs to make calorie free ones, LOL.

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