Easy February Crafts

Crafts need to be super easy to get done here.  Too  many pieces, too much mess, too much clean up — it leads me to say, “Hmmmm, tomorrow.” Then tomorrow never comes.

Call me a craft snob, but I also don’t like things that I will most likely just throw away in a week because it’s a paper heart with stickers on it, you know what I mean? No matter how much I like the maker, I can’t keep every cute piece of paper they make.

So I guess “Super easy not too cheesy” is my motto.

I’m a very “out of sight out of mind” person. People have been posting Valentine’s Day crafts online for weeks and weeks. There is no way I’ll remember that cute thing I saw three weeks ago for a day that is still at this point two weeks in the future!

Give me something I can grab and go, or things that we can do almost on the fly, with things we most likely have at home or can easily get on the next supermarket trip.

With that in mind, here are some super easy February oriented crafts and snacks that I think even I can do:

(Edit: I apologize for the lack of visuals. When my site moved, the pinterest links just…disappeared. Maybe at some point I will be able to get them back. Until then thank you for your patience.)

This one is my favorite! Groundhog Day Dirt Cups!


To make it even easier you can use store bought pudding cups.

This one is only my second favorite because we can’t eat store bought donuts (allergies). If we *could*, this would win. So cute: Groundhog Donuts. (Yes I know they are hedgehogs. I was not the one to come up with the groundhog thing. Shhhh…)


This cute heart garland. Cutting and stapling. That’s my kind of craft. You can keep it red or make it multi-colored. A variation can be found here in the first craft example.


I love these name snowflakes! Maybe a little cheesy/throw-out-able, but creative and fun. Kids love doing things with their names.


Glue Gun Snowflakes! Just three things needed – glue gun, nail polish, and parchment paper. An adult would have to do the glue gunning, but the kids could paint with nailpolish.


Weaving hearts, or for more difficult ones, here.


And finally, for the book lover, heart bookmarks.


Let me know if you try any! I think we’ll do the name snowflakes tomorrow, before all of our snow melts outside.


2 thoughts on “Easy February Crafts

  1. Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!! Crafts have to be super easy here as well. Mostly, because I, craft phobic, and HATE the mess.

    Thanks for these super easy peasy craft ideas!!!!!! Totally pinning!

    • You’re welcome! I’m the same way about mess. My life is messy enough without finding glitter in my carpet 7 weeks later, LOL.

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