This blog does not have the answers


I’ve been so silent here, in part because school has started and things are CRAY-zy, but also in part because I’ve been soul searching and imploring God for answers to this whole Homeschooling While Highly Sensitive thing.

I didn’t think I could blog without there being some purpose, some help I could give you all to make this hard work easier.

Problem is, I don’t think there are any “answers.” There’s no do this and it will all get better. Not for HSP parents, not that I can tell from everything I’ve read, and I’ve read a lot.

Maybe it’s partially my Rainforest Mind (love that analogy).  I’m not satisfied by the pat answers I see other blogs giving.  Read long enough and you see they are all saying the same thing over and over, using different words.  When it comes to being highly sensitive/introverted and homeschooling, I think it can all boil down to “simplify” and “love”.  With “love” taking higher priority.

There, I’m done blogging then, huh!  🙂

Just kidding.

I realized yesterday after a particularly, shall we say emphatic, imploring of God, that while I can’t give you the A,B,C of what will solve your HSP/homeschooling problems, what I can give you is empathy.

And lots of it.

For example, when your son interrupts your writing for the 5th time in 10 minutes, to show you the “buddy” on Teaching Textbooks and what it’s doing, even though you just told him not to right now, and you get up not so serenely to go pace in your bedroom and ask yourself what’s wrong with you that a simple thing like that makes you want to explode…what’s wrong with your kids that they won’t listen…and why is this so hard when people are starving in Africa…

I get it.

Love to you all.


11 thoughts on “This blog does not have the answers

  1. I never look to sites for answers, unless it’s for a curable disease. Your blog is perfect for empathy, understanding and coping along our journey.

    I look at it like food allergies. There is no cure or answers to solve the problems….just help along the way.

    • I like your food allergy analogy – very true. I have a bunch of things in my life with no answers! I think the path to peace lies in giving up wanting answers. And at the same time I don’t know if I can do that, LOL.

  2. LOL, yeah, the “Buddy”… aaagh. I think there ought to be a timer on that program showing how much time kids waste changing their buddies when they ought to be doing their math.

    I know what you mean about blogging, though. (Too? Anyway.) I am sometimes envious of bloggers who are capable of writing listicles. Sometimes I think about trying… and then realize that for every 5 Ways to Make Your Homeschool Great This Year, I can think of 10 Ways My Words Will Come Back to Haunt Me Tomorrow.

    • Ha, I so get that Angela. Even when I don’t write listicles, and just give some sort of advice or “answer” – even before I’ve hit publish God shows me I have not learned what I am preaching.

      TT should have some sort of “you can only change your Buddy once during a session” button along with your timer! But even when mine isn’t changing the Buddy, he’s fascinated with what it is doing. Granted he’s only almost 7, and this is his first time with TT, so think it’s natural.

  3. I don’t really need a blog to give me the answers. I just need to know that I am not alone in how I feel, that I am not a crazy person. When I discovered your blog, that was what I found. In reading the last few posts, my soul sighed in relief–I’m not the only one.

    • I’m so glad you have found some relief here, Julia! I feel like I’m making a mess of things right now, I’m happy to know it’s not been in vain. 🙂 And I’m sorry it took me some time to approve your comment – now that you’re “in” your comments should post automatically.

  4. Just read your comment on my gallery wall post. 🙂 HOW have I NOT SEEN your blog?!?! I know we are instagram friends, but every description I’ve read since I clicked over here has fit me to a T. I need to spend some time pouring over your archives! 🙂

    • Thank you Candace! I would love to meet too! Your blog is relatively new to me also and I have resonated with everything, I love it. This blog is new so your trip through the archives should take all of 3 minutes, LOL! I have been a blogger “forever,” but have jumped around, I guess trying to find myself. I finally asked myself, “who am I” and this blog was born.

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