For Low Energy Homeschoolers

Melody over at Blossoming Joy has written a helpful piece on homeschooling, and living in general, with low energy:

How a Low Energy Mama Can Thrive

Are any of you HSPs also low energy? I know I am.  Sometimes I think having my defenses up most of the time to ward off a high energy world is tiring in itself, but now I know I’m also anemic, have low blood pressure, and I have all the symptoms of low thyroid (although I test normal.) Most days are like dragging myself through hot mud.  Which is why this blog has like 3 posts, LOL.  If this sounds like you, too, go over to Melody’s and read all about it. 🙂

3 thoughts on “For Low Energy Homeschoolers

    • Do you know if you have other things going on? Like anemia or something? I hope the doc can shed some insights on the exhaustion. I know for sure it is no fun to be an exhausted mom all the time!

  1. No, I don’t think so. I think it’s all related to my heart still. I know one factor is my beta blocker makes my blood pressure lower, so that’s not a great help.

    But that’s what started this whole medical thing to begin with–I was so tired, I was just checking to see if it wasn’t thyroid or anemia…and then I discovered my medical problems! I’m hoping I’ll get some answers tomorrow, but I think I have to accept this is going to keep me slow moving.

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